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Parent Signatures
Conditions of admission

An application for admission must be completed for each pupil. The school reserves the right to refuse any application for admission to the school or to request the withdrawal of any girl already in attendance. If the principal regards a student as unfit to attend school for any reason, that student may be refused admission until further notice.

Admissions criteria

Since admission to Trafalgar is selective, the following admissions criteria are offered to assist you:

  • Trafalgar seeks to enroll those students who will be challenged by the academic experience at this school and who are qualified to meet the entrance requirements. The foremost criterion shall be a desire to achieve commensurate with ability.
  • Trafalgar seeks to enroll students who will make a positive contribution to the school through participation in the varied extracurricular activities of the school. Opportunities exist in athletics, music, drama, students’ council and other related programs.
  • Trafalgar seeks to enroll students who openly desire the opportunity of attending an independent school Motivation, enthusiasm, involvement and cooperation are key ingredients to be evaluated.
  • Trafalgar seeks to enroll student who understand and respect rules and regulations.
  • Scholarships and bursaries

    Trafalgar is pleased to offer several scholarships which are awarded solely on merit, and bursaries which are determined solely on the basis of financial need. Five-year scholarships are offered to the top candidates applying for Secondary I during the primary testing period, and are renewable for the student’s entire stay at Trafalgar, providing she maintains her academic and personal performance. Financial aid, in the form of bursaries, is awarded to several families each year. A committee of the Board of Governors reviews all applications for financial assistance: in the late fall for those applicants in the primary Secondary I testing group, and in April for all others. Awards are made solely on need and are kept completely confidential. Application forms for financial assistance are available from the business office upon request.

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    I/we read the regulations and terms as stated in the Application Form and Schedule of Fees, and hereby agree to abide by them.

    Date: Dec 13, 2019
    Date: Dec 13, 2019