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Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

In the heart of downtown Montreal, our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident and shape a better world.

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles were devised from our mission statement and provide an ongoing blueprint for all of Trafalgar’s operational practices.

Trafalgar seeks to enroll girls with high academic and personal potential, guide them in their personal and academic journey through high school, and promote excellence in their scholarship and personal conduct.

Trafalgar will distinguish itself by enrolling a student body that is multicultural and socio-economically diverse. It will embrace this diversity as an important part of the learning experience and offer a scholarship and financial aid programme to support this goal.

The goal of all Trafalgar programmes is to serve the academic and developmental needs of our students; therefore, academic and co-curricular programmes are both cornerstones of the Trafalgar experience.

The programme of studies and activities offers challenge and variety, with the recognition that while learners have divergent needs and learning styles, all must strive for personal excellence in their schoolwork and activities.

Trafalgar engages and supports staff who are committed to supporting the mission and guiding principles.

Trafalgar supports faculty committed to ongoing professional development and employment of “best practices” in all programmes.

Trafalgar graduates students well-prepared for post-secondary studies, comfortable with taking on leadership, and conscious of their responsibility as privileged citizens to give back to their community, country, and world.

Effective partnership between students, school personnel, and parents is essential, especially with regard to timely, constructive, and open communication among all constituents.

Trafalgar celebrates and maintains its best traditions, and fosters in its students and alumnae a responsibility to our ongoing mission.